Revealed: A Magic Milk Jug

Revealed: A Magic Milk Jug

Experts claim a revolutionary new invention could help dry up Britain’s milk waste. 330,000 tonnes of milk (worth £250 million) are thrown away each year by British households [1], creating mass milk waste that contributes to approximately 190,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions [2]. Today it is revealed that a new British invention, a simple jug, could see the end of sour milk days.

Cravendale has worked with experts in a commitment to reduce this British milk lake, which is the equivalent of over 373 Olympic swimming pools by almost a third [3]. The key causes of milk wastage are over-serving (150,000 tonnes per annum) and throwing away products because they have not been used in time (170,000 tonnes per annum) [4]

To help combat this uncertainty, Cravendale’s Research and Development team have joined forces with designer Oliver Newberry to create a radical, new, innovative milk jug which will alert people to when their milk has soured. The milk jug was discovered during Cravendale’s product research into the bacteria that turns milk sour. Key features of the Cravendale milk jug include:

· A unique PH sensor built in to the base of the jug. The sensor measures the PH acidity of the jug’s contents and updates the milk drinker via an LCD screen message

· The LCD screen reads “Fresh” or “Sour” offering a reliable analysis of the milk’s drinkability, meaning you will never have to experience sour milk again!

· A new innovative alarm system which alerts the drinker to when the milk has soured

In-depth research by Cravendale and sustainability expert, Neela Bettridge, has revealed that milk is the most thrown away food and drink product in the UK, with almost 25% [5] more milk wasted than fruit juice and smoothies (240,000 tonnes of wastage per year).

Neela states: “It’s quite shocking to learn that a whopping 100,000 tonnes of milk is thrown away each year, and a key reason for all this wastage is people not understanding when milk actually goes off. So every drop of wastage is avoidable!”

According to calculations by Neela [6], adoption of the Cravendale milk jug across the UK could represent a reduction of up to 100,000 tonnes in milk wastage per year, which in turn would reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by approximately 190,000 tonnes of C02 (2% of the nation’s total carbon footprint).

Sam Dolan, Cravendale Brand Manager, comments: “Cravendale has launched a commitment to British consumers that we will protect them against sour milk and ensure fresh milk every day. Our milk stays fresh for up to 21 days unopened so the milk jug takes our mission one step further! Our unique milk jug takes the guess work out of determining when your milk has soured which we believe should help reduce dairy wastage.”

Cravendale milk is widely stocked in supermarkets nationwide. Its special filtration system ensures a pure, fresher milk that is guaranteed to stay fresh for 21 days when unopened and seven days once opened.

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